150+ Certifications for Website Design and Developers

Certification for Web Design

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Do you want to attract more clients to your business? Would you like to offer more services? Or are you simply looking to add to the list of skills on your resume? Below are over 150 certifications in web design & development, business, and online marketing that will give you the training necessary to grow your business.

AWS Certifications

Do you work with AWS (Amazon Web Services)? If so, Amazon offers several role-based and specialty certifications that are listed in the qualifications and requirements on over 1,500 job listings on Indeed. Here are three Amazon certificates that web designers and developers may find useful throughout their website design & SEO careers.

AWS Certification

  • The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner covers the fundamentals of the AWS Cloud. You will learn the global infrastructure, architectural principles, value proposition, key services, basic security aspects, deployment, and operation.
  • The AWS Certified Developer (Associate) validates proficiency in developing, deploying, and debugging applications using AWS. Amazon recommends that candidates have one or more years of hands-on experience with AWS-based applications.
  • The AWS Certified Security (Specialty) focuses on understanding the data classifications, protection mechanisms, encryptions, and AWS mechanisms to implement them. Those who pass this Amazon certification should be able to maintain a secure working environment using AWS security services and features.

Content Marketing Certifications

If you want to improve your blog, copy, and sales writing skills, the following organizations offer certifications to designate proficiency in content marketing.

Digital Marketer Certification

  • American Marketing Association’s Content Marketing Certification validates proficiency in content marketing strategy, creation, promotion, and KPIs.
  • CIW’s Multimedia Specialist certification focuses less on user interface and more on advanced audio and video content creation.
  • Copyblogger’s Certified Content Marketer program prepares you to build a successful writing business with high-quality content marketing skills.
  • Digital Marketer’s Certified Content Marketing Specialist program covers the content life-cycle, content technology, blog marketing, and content distribution.
  • Digital Marketer’s Certified Direct Response Copywriter program covers copywriting conventions, copy structure, templates, and tips for writing sales copy.
  • HubSpot’s free Content Marketing certification course teaches you the content creation framework that will help you consistently develop effective content.

Digital Marketing Certifications

If you are looking for comprehensive digital marketing training, the following certifications will teach you the top channels and best practices.

Digital Marketing Certifications

  • American Marketing Association’s Digital Marketer Pro is a dual certification program covering advertising, content marketing, email marketing, Google Analytics, paid search, search engine optimization, social media, and website optimization. When you pass this, you become a PCM Digital Marketing and Certified Digital Marketing Professional.
  • Association of National Advertisers’ Certified ANA Marketing Program is a comprehensive brand marketing, data, and analytics program for individuals and marketing teams.
  • HubSpot’s free Inbound Marketing certification course teaches you how to apply the top inbound marketing strategies – content creation, social promotion, conversion optimization, lead nurturing, and aligning marketing with sales.
  • The OMCA and OMCP certification programs for marketers use the same digital marketing standards taught in universities and training institutes.

Ecommerce Certifications

Do you work with ecommerce store owners? These certifications will help you understand what it takes to generate sales online.

  • Adobe offers eight Magento certifications to designate expert and master level Magento business practitioners and developers. Specifications include Magento developer, Magento Commerce developer, Magento Commerce Management developer, front-end developer, Javascript developer, and cloud developer.
  • Digital Marketer’s Certified Ecommerce Marketing Master program covers the architecture of a successful ecommerce store, the most effective tools to increase profits, and how to maximize sales with email automation.
  • Shopify’s Product Fundamentals Certification demonstrates that you know the basics about the Shopify product, features, extensions, apps, themes, and integrations.
  • Shopify’s App Development Certification demonstrates that you understand how to build valuable merchant solutions using Shopify’s developer tools.
  • Shopify’s Theme Development Certification demonstrates that you understand Shopify themes, SEO, and app integrations.

Email Marketing Certifications

According to the Direct Marketing Association, for every £1 spent on email, businesses made an average of £42.24 (approximately $54.64 for every $1.29 USD spent). If you want to utilize this marketing channel profitably for your business and your clients, the following certifications will teach you what you need to know.

  • Digital Marketer’s Certified Email Marketing Master teaches the strategies that will help you generate sales through your email list and generate the highest ROI possible. You’ll learn how to create a promotional calendar, increase open and click rates, revive inactive email subscribers, and track the right metrics.
  • HubSpot offers a free Email Marketing Certification course that covers the fundamentals of email marketing.
  • MECLABS Institute’s Email Messaging Certification Course focuses on the methods of an effective email marketing strategy. You’ll learn how to capture email subscribers and get them to open, click, and convert into customers.

Google Certifications

Google is the number one search engine worldwide. They offer the following certifications for analysts, advertisers, developers, and marketers.

Google Certifications

  • Google offers six certifications for their Google Ads pay per click advertising platform. These exams cover measurement, display ads, search ads, video ads, shopping ads, and app ads.
  • The Google Analytics Individual Qualification certifies that you know the basic and advanced concepts of Google Analytics. This includes planning, implementation, configuration, administration, conversion attribution, and reporting.
  • The Google Developers Certification allows you to demonstrate your skills and get listed in the global directory for Google and Android Developers.
  • Google offers eight certifications for Cloud Developers including Cloud Developer & Architect, Data Engineer, DevOps Engineer, Network Engineer, Security Engineer, Collaboration Engineer, and Machine Learning Engineer.
  • Google offers four certifications for the Google Marketing Platform: Search Ads 360, Campaign Manager, Creative, and Display & Video 360.

IT Certifications

Interested in the hardware that you use to develop and run web applications upon? Here are the top certifications for IT professionals.

  • CompTIA’s A+ Certification covers basic security skills, the configuration of devices on top operating systems, IT infrastructure and networking support, data backup and recovery, and troubleshooting.
  • CompTIA’s Network+ Certification teaches IT infrastructure. Certified individuals should be able to configure, manage, and secure networks, including virtualized networks.
  • CompTIA Security+ Certification prepares you to detect threats, assess risk, and implement the tools and technologies to maintain a secure network.

Niche Marketing Certifications

Do you want to work with customers in a particular industry? Add the following niche marketing certifications to your resume and offer additional services to these verticals.

  • The Certified Construction Marketing Professional program from the Construction Marketing Association prepares marketing managers and brand marketers in the construction industry.
  • The Credit Union Certified Marketing Executive program from the Credit Union National Association prepares credit union marketing executives. Training covers public relations, reputation management, persuasive communication, member retention, calculating ROI, and more.
  • The Certified Financial Marketing Professional program from the American Bankers Association prepares marketers in the banking industry. Core knowledge areas include risk assessment, customer experience and sales, revenue generation, branding, and communications.
  • The Certified New Home Marketing Professional from the National Home Builders Association prepares you to perform sales and marketing for a new home community.
  • The Certified Hospitality Digital Marketer from HSMAI Global prepares marketers in the hospitality industry to utilize owned media, earned media, paid media, trending topics, and digital intermediaries for sales, marketing, and revenue generation.
  • The Certified Professional Services Marketer from the Society for Marketing Professional Services prepares marketers for strategic marketing, business development, and promotion of professional services.

Platform Certifications

If you work with specific business and design tools, the following companies will certify your knowledge and expertise.

Adobe Certification

  • Adobe offers four certifications to recognize expert users of Creative Cloud products. Get certified in InDesign, Photoshop, Premiere, and Dreamweaver.
  • Hubspot offers certifications for their CMS and Marketing Platform.
  • Oracle offers dozens of certifications for its database, Java, dev tech, applications, middleware, operating systems, systems, and more.
  • Salesforce offers certifications for developers and marketers.
  • SAS offers seven certifications for business analysts and programmers.

Project Management Certifications

Do you want to show your customers that you know how to get projects organized and completed? Certifications from the Project Management Institute can help.

Search Engine Optimization Certifications

Optimizing a website for search is essential to ensure its success. The following certifications will show your web design clients that you can also help them get ranked in search engines.

  • Digital Marketer’s Certified Search Marketing Specialist program covers tactics to increase leads and sales from organic search traffic. Topics include intent-based keyword research, SEO audits, white hat strategies, natural link building, and ranking factors on YouTube, iTunes, Amazon, and other platforms.
  • Moz’s SEO Essentials Certificate brings you up to speed on the basics of SEO and how to use Moz Pro tools to improve website rankings.

Social Media Marketing Certifications

Social media marketing is a great way to promote your web design business and your customers.

Social Media Marketing Certifications

  • Digital Marketer’s Certified Social and Community Manager program covers the essentials of social listening, social influencing, social networking, and social selling. You’ll learn how to create a customer avatar, conduct a social media audit, build a network of influencers, and more.
  • Facebook Blueprint offers nine certifications for Facebook marketing, media buying & planning, advertising API developer, and community management.
  • HootSuite offers six certifications for social media marketing, advanced social media advertising, social media ROI, social selling, advanced social media strategy, and the HootSuite platform.
  • Hubspot offers a free Social Media Marketing Certification course for marketers who want to drive conversation and attract customers through social media.
  • Twitter offers the Twitter Flight School Video Badge for users who demonstrate proficiency in using video advertising products.

Web Design & Developer Certifications

Looking for certifications for design, front-end, and back-end development? The following certifications will test your knowledge in the most popular web design and development languages.

  • CIW offers over 20 certifications that cover web foundations, web and mobile design, web design, web development, and security. Topics include multimedia, ecommerce, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Perl, and databases.
  • The IC PHP Developer Fundamentals is a certification for entry-level topics including the developer environment, PHP fundamentals, complex data structures, code management, and more.
  • Microsoft offers 15 certifications for developers including ASP.NET, HTML 5, Java, Python, Javascript, CSS, web applications, and database fundamentals.
  • The Neilson Norman Group offers a UX Certification. In addition, you can become an interaction design, UX management, and UX research specialist.
  • Udemy offers a Certified Web Developer program focused on HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP.
  • W3C offers nine certifications for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, SQL, PHP, Bootstrap, jQuery, and XML.
  • The World Organization of Webmasters offers nine professional-level certifications for web designers, webmasters, web developers, website administrators, web animators, WordPress administrators, app developers, ecommerce developers, and consultants.

University Certifications for Web Design & Development

Interested in a certification from a recognized trade school or university? The following colleges offer certificate-level programs that prepare professionals for a web career.

  • Devry University offers an undergraduate certificate in web design that also prepares students for other certifications, like Adobe’s Certified Associate exam.
  • The University of California-Irvine offers a web design certificate program that focuses on UX, front-end development, visual prototyping, design technology, and user testing methodologies.
  • The University of Massachusetts Lowell offers a certificate program in website design and development. It includes courses on ASP.NET, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Perl, Python, PHP, XML, multimedia, database, and ecommerce.
  • Harvard Extension School offers a front-end development certificate for professionals who want to develop accessible web pages in HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, and jQuery.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are hundreds of certifications you can gain to update your resume with the business, marketing, design, and development skills needed to grow your business, land a client project, or get hired. Did we miss any valuable certification programs? Let us know in the comments!

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