How Important Is a Website for Your Business

How Important Is a Website for Your Business
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More than ever, people are surfing the web and depending on websites not only to research businesses but also to compare offerings and hence, form opinions about their brands. A significant number of consumers look online for information, which in one way or another, will assist them in making smarter decisions when purchasing a product. A new report by the Ecommerce Foundation showed that before buying in-store or online, approximately 88% of consumers research products online. With this kind of consumer purchasing trend, it is evident that a website is vital for a business.

The success of any business in the modern marketplace of today depends on the existence of a professional website, among other things. A website is considered the foundation of your business, and the reason for this is that it enhances the success of digital marketing efforts. Perhaps, this explains why in 2020, a higher percentage of companies have websites compared to 5 (2015) and 10 (2010) years ago. Concerning this, in 2010, 2015, and 2020, the percentage of business with a website is 48.5%, 53%, and 64%, respectively. It can be seen that over the years, the proportion of companies with a website has been growing exponentially. This blog post presents a discussion on how important a website is for your business and what you should know concerning getting started with a professional website.

The Importance of a Website

A website is important for marketing, sales, building credibility, and providing 24/7 accessibility.

  • Marketing – A website’s importance covered all aspects of a business’s digital marketing. As the foundation of the online presence of your business, everything that you put online contributes towards driving the consumers back to the website of your business. As it is known, companies make use of social media for marketing purposes. However, the customers must be directed to the business website, through which they will be in a position to access more information about your business. With this, your marketing and SEO strategies are enhanced significantly.
  • Sales – For any kind of business, sales are vital since it is the only way that can ensure that a business is up and running. Increasing sales is considered to be among the ways through which a business can enhance not only its success but also its health. The significance of a website in the realization of this cannot be overstated. Through a website, you ensure an online presence, which in turn enables you to reach more customers. Being able to get more customers online implies that your business is presented with more opportunities to improve or rather increase sales. Even so, it is worth noting that merely having a website in place does not automatically attract paying customers. Nonetheless, through the use of search engine optimization on your website, the possibility of attracting customers who are likely to purchase your products is enhanced.
  • Building credibility – Today, consumers consider a business without a website as being less credible. The main reason for this is simply the fact that a significant number of companies have ensured that they have a website. Therefore, without a website, consumers will be of the assumption that a business is hiding something. With a website, consumers can know what the business deals in, which, in a way, builds credibility. Through a website, you are not only able to inform your customers of your line of business, but also its mission. In one way or another, this instils trust on the customers, which is one of the essentials for establishing a long-lasting customer relationship. Also, with a website, you are in a better position to build authority.
  • Providing 24/7 accessibility – A website plays an essential role in ensuring that your customers have 24/7 accessibility to your products. Even when the employees of your business have checked out for the day, the website will continue working, ensuring that more customers are attracted to the company. Imagine the number of sales that a business could make if its employees never slept. Well, with a website in place, the employees do not have to give up sleep to be able to reach the target customers around the clock.

What You Should Know About Getting Started With Your Website

It is now clear that a website is essential for your business, implying that it can help a business to perform much better than one without a website. Without a website, it will not be possible to reach and engage customers online. It can be said that in the marketplace of the current modern world, the lack of owning a website increases the chances of a business being unsuccessful. But what are the things that one should know to get started with a website?

There are various website building services, such as Wix, SquareSpace, and WordPress. Even though platforms like Wix and Squarespace have drag and drop functions, WordPress is the most preferred content management system, especially by those with some knowledge in web design. Apart from being a free website building service, WordPress is easy to use, does not require ant FTP software or HTML editing, gives you the control over your website, has a built-in and ready to go blog, allows 100% customizable websites, and work best with search engines.

Stephen Gagnon

Stephen Gagnon

I have been working within the world wide web as a digital marketer for several years now. My favourite service is SEO. I’m continually learning better ways to rank websites within reputable search engines! When I’m not working or studying, I’m spending time with my family exploring random activities.

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How Important Is a Website for Your Business

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