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How Much Does Web Design Cost in Calgary, AB?

Do you need a website for your Calgary business? Or is your website in need of a facelift? According to the Global Entrepreneurship survey from GoDaddy, 60% of small businesses have a website. During the pandemic, 58% of Canadian business owners updated their website with an online store, additional content, and advanced digital marketing strategies.

In this post, we will break down Calgary web design prices. You’ll find out how much a professional website design costs:

  • What you’re paying for.
  • Why you’re paying for it.
  • The itemized breakdown of the expenses in a standard web design project.
  • How much you can expect to pay.

1. Basic Web Design ($1,000 to $2,000)

A basic website will cost you between $1,000 – $2,000. It serves your business with a basic yet efficient web design. Like transitional and advanced websites, our fundamental web designs create a site distinct from your brand.

For a small business, a basic website provides a cost-efficient opportunity. It provides your business with a valid user-friendly website that can drive purchases, inquiries, phone calls, and much more.

2. Average Web Design ($2,000 to $3,000)

An average website will cost between $2,000 – $3,000. It will serve your organization with a well-built, performing website. It can include supplementary features, like a custom theme and technical SEO, to meet your company’s particular demands.

If you’re a small-to-midsize business enterprise, a moderate website can offer an ideal result. It also provides your business with the measures to advance its other digital marketing projects. A custom theme, for example, will help you produce web content that reinforces your content SEO.

3. Premium Web Design ($3,000 to $4,000)

A premium website will cost you between $3,000 – $4,000. It prepares your organization with a custom, innovative web design. This website tier can feature several extras, like eCommerce functionalities and much more.

If you’re an enterprise or corporation, a premium website offers a result that matches your business’s stature. It also widens your sales and returns on your investment, which is crucial in an aggressive market.

As you can tell, the size of your business often influences your website fees.

Just because you purchase a basic website doesn’t mean you’re getting a less-functioning site. Rather, you are purchasing a website that corresponds to your capacity, demands, and objectives versus paying for elements you may not require.

4. Enterprise Web Design ($4,000 to $20,000)

An enterprise-level website will cost between $4,000 – $20,000. These types of websites are for much larger organizations & we ask that you contact us directly to learn more about our custom packages.

Average Web Design Prices in Calgary

What is included within Calgary Web Design Prices?

Before we get into the reasons “why” you might want to outsource your web design project, we’re going to talk about what you really pay for when you hire a Calgary web design company. All web designers base their prices on two significant things: education and experience. 

Most people can design a website if they put their mind to it. But most people don’t have the time to study coding, user interface design, website speed optimization, SEO (search engine optimization), CRO (conversion rate optimization), and all the other facets of mobile and responsive web design. 

Even if you had the time to gain the education needed to create your own website, you wouldn’t have the years of experience that web designers have. Unless you have the time to work on multiple web design projects and monitor their success over the years, you won’t know what really works. You won’t have the experience to know how to rank well in search engines and deliver the kind of user experience that will convert visitors into revenue for your business. 

More importantly, you don’t need to know how to do these things. You need to focus on your primary business objectives and let an experienced web designer create a website that works for you!

Why You Need an Experienced Calgary Web Designer 

A survey of 1,000 Canadian consumers revealed that 63.3% wouldn’t buy from a business that had a poorly designed website (or presumably, no website at all). Whether the issue was difficult navigation or outdated content, a less than stellar web design led to lower trust in the company. 

Retail Insider, Canada’s most popular online retail publication, shared data from that predicts 93.55% of people will shop online during the holidays. They expect consumers to prefer online shopping beyond the holidays and into 2022. 

This data aligns with McKinsey & Company’s findings on Canadian consumer behaviour. 68% of consumers have adopted new shopping behaviours, including digital shopping and switching to different businesses that provide better online shopping experiences.

Hence, if your business doesn’t have a website or your website is in desperate need of an update, you need to work with an experienced web designer in Calgary. 

More Than Traditional Web Design

Traditional Web Design Template

A Calgary web design company knows how to build more than just a great-looking website. You will need a responsive web design that works on all devices. This ensures that visitors get the same experience, whether on a desktop, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. 

Considering that over 82% of Canadians own at least one smart device, UX design is critical for user experience. 

You will also need a website that is optimized for performance. Google uses Web Vitals to signal a great user experience. Your web designer will use Core Web Vitals like LCP (Largest Contentful Paint), FID (First Input Delay), and CLS (Cumulative Layout Shift) to ensure your website design meets Google’s standards for loading, interactivity, and visual stability. 

Code Web Design Core Vitals

Your web designers can also create a website that will meet the performance metrics and standards for mobile-friendliness with responsive design, safe browsing, security (HTTPS), and no intrusive interstitials. These web vitals became a part of Google’s ranking algorithm in May 2021. 

If you want your Calgary business to reach more customers through organic, local search, you will need a web design company that knows search engines and local optimization. Implementing both into your website marketing will allow you to gain more visibility in Canadian audiences’ search results.

A Breakdown of Itemized Web Design Costs

Now that you know some of the reasons you need a web design company let’s discuss the costs associated with web design in Calgary. The following factors will determine the total price of your new website.  

Number of Pages

How many pages does your business need to sell your products and services? A small business that wants to rank well within search engines will need a homepage, about the company page, employee profile pages, products and services overview page, detailed pages for each product and service, and a contact us page for each retail or office location.

Depending on the products and services you offer, your business may also need additional pages for event calendars, menus, real estate listings, quote forms, pricing tables, testimonials or reviews, latest news, and blog posts. Your web designer will be able to make suggestions based on your needs and what your competition has to offer.

Website Platform Selection

Do you need a few pages that will only require occasional updates by your webmaster? Or do you need a website that gives you the ability to add new pages, blog posts, and other content that can be edited regularly? 

Your web designer will be able to recommend the best option for your website. Smaller websites that do not need regular updates can be built with individual HTML pages. To update these pages or add new ones, you or your webmaster will need to edit or write HTML code.

Larger websites that require regular updates should be built using CMS (content management software) like WordPress. WordPress allows you to edit and add new pages with minimal coding knowledge. 

Template or Custom Design

Once you and your web designer have agreed on a platform, you will be able to choose from a template or custom design. There are thousands of templates that your web designer can modify to fit your needs. 

If you want your business to have a unique design, your web designer can create a custom design that delivers your brand colours and content in a way that differentiates you from your competitors. 

Most web designers offer different custom design levels that range from simple for small businesses to complex for enterprise-sized corporations. It would help if you browsed their past work or case studies to see which option will best fit your business needs.

Ecommerce Functionality

Businesses that want to sell physical or digital products online will need eCommerce functionality built into their website design. The cost of implementing an eCommerce store will depend on the number of products you want to offer and how many images/videos there are per product. 

Local businesses will also have to consider whether your website’s eCommerce data needs to integrate with your physical store’s POS (point of sale) system. This would give you a full picture of your sales across all channels. 

SEO Copywriting

Each page on your website will need custom content. This includes text, images, and video optimized for the top keywords your customers search to find your products and services. 

Average Calgary Website Design Prices Text

Like Code Web, a website design company, which also offers SEO services, can help you choose the most profitable keywords for your business and design a series of pages that help you rank for those keywords. Ultimately, the goal will be to reach the first page in local search results for your targeted keywords.

Custom Graphics

Besides a unique logo design for your business, you may want additional custom graphics for your website. For example:

  • You can add an image/video slider on your homepage to highlight your most important pages, products, services, and content.
  • You can add branded featured images to each page on your website. 
  • You can add branded thumbnail images to videos on your website. 

If your web design company also offers email and social media marketing, you can request custom graphics for your email newsletter and social media headers. This will allow you to match the branding across your online marketing channels, instilling customer confidence in your business.

Social Media Integration

Would you like to increase your business’s visibility on social media? By integrating social sharing tools on your website, you will give your website visitors the ability to share your products, services, and other website content with their social networks. 

In addition to social sharing, you can implement social discussion tools to make it easier for people in your community to comment on your blog posts and the latest news items. For example, Facebook Comments will give anyone with a Facebook profile the chance to respond to your posts and reply to others’ comments on your content. 

Live Chat

To provide the best customer service possible, you may want to integrate a live chat feature on your website.

Your web designer can help you choose the best third-party service based on your website platform and install it before your new website is launched.

Web Analytics

The only way you will know if your website marketing strategy is impacting your business is to implement web analytics. Your web designer can install several free tools on your website to measure its performance, including Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics.

If social media marketing is important to your business, Google Tag Manager can manage the tracking and pixel codes for each of the top social networks. Facebook (for both Facebook and Instagram), LinkedIn, and Twitter have tracking codes that can help you analyze your social media audiences, referral traffic, and engagement. 

Tracking codes from Google Analytics and social networks can also be used for future pay-per-click ad campaigns. Once your website starts receiving traffic, you can create ads that target your website visitors only on Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

Setup & Installation

Once everything has been created, reviewed, and approved, you are ready for your website to go live. The setup and installation costs related to your website launch include domain name registration, web hosting, an SSL certificate (for HTTPS), and email (you@yourdomain). 

Ongoing Maintenance

If you need future updates to your website but do not have the technical skills needed to complete them, your web design company may offer an ongoing support and maintenance plan. These may include edits to your existing content, new pages, regular backups, and software updates for your website platform, template, and plugins. 

Ongoing maintenance may also include regular reviews of your website’s analytics data. Your web design company can use this data to make suggestions on ways to improve your website’s visibility, traffic, performance, and UX.

Average Website Design Prices in Calgary

Once you have determined your new website’s criteria, you will get a quote for the total cost. According to several web designers and web design companies in Canada, the average cost of website design in Calgary is as follows.

  • A basic website will cost you between $1,000 – $2,000.
  • An average website will cost between $2,000 – $3,000.
  • A premium website will cost you between $3,000 – $4,000.
  • An enterprise-level website will cost between $4,000 – $20,000.
Value of Web Design in Calgary

These averages do not include SEO copywriting or any additional add-ons like social media integrations, live chat, web analytics, etc. SEO copywriting alone can range from $1500 – $7000 for a medium-sized business’s website content. Optimizing a mid-sized to larger websites for search results can range from $3000 – $10,000

Additional costs for setup, installation and ongoing maintenance may be paid as a flat monthly rate based on the number of pages on your website or products in your online store. You can also pay hourly fees of $75.00 – $125.00 per hour for content updates, software updates, security monitoring, malware scanning, and other services.

In Conclusion

There are many options for building a website with website builders and templates. But it takes more than good design to create a website that helps you generate more revenue for your business. An experienced Calgary website redesigner can help you get the results you want from your website, including more leads and sales. Please find out how we can help you build your new website today!

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