Who Needs SEO in Calgary?


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Are you getting enough traffic from search? According to a study of thousands of domains by BrightEdge Research, organic search is the leading traffic channel for websites, taking a 53.3% share of the total incoming traffic. Most importantly, organic search users convert into more revenue than other channels – almost 2x more revenue for B2B and technology companies.

If you’ve taken a look at your Google Analytics Acquisition Channels report lately and noticed that Organic Search is not driving a significant portion of your traffic, then this information is for you. In this post, we’ll look at who needs Calgary Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Or, more importantly, what industries are benefiting most from Calgary SEO.

SEO for Tech Companies

Let’s start with the top companies in the technology industry to see how they are acquiring traffic. According to Forbes, the top five tech leaders are Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Alphabet, and Intel. Using SimilarWeb, we can see that Apple gets 50.33% of its traffic from organic search.

Similar Web Dashboard

As for the other four companies’ organic search traffic share, Samsung receives 62.04%, Microsoft receives 48.15%, Alphabet receives 50.40%, and Intel receives 56.58%.

If you have a physical electronics store, your competitors in search results will vary based on location. You’ll need a strong local search marketing strategy to ensure that your business makes it into the local 3-pack.

Downtown Toronto Map

And have enough domain authority to be the first in organic search results. Or first in the categories listed on local directory sites in your area.

Ecommerce store owners will be competing with some of the most popular online retailers, whether on Google.com or Google.ca. First, you’ll have the companies who have invested in pay per click advertising with Google Ads, followed by the top retailers.

SERPs for Electronics

After the top online retailers, you’ll have the local 3-pack based on your location.

Hamilton Map

The rest of your competition will follow this. Even on Google.ca, you’d be competing with vendors like NewEgg.ca and NewEgg.com.

SERPs for Electronics

According to Ubersuggest, you would need to have a domain authority and link profile similar to those for these companies.

Keyword Overview

Conclusion: If you’re in the tech industry and your business is online or offline, you’ll need a strong SEO strategy to help you get the authority needed for higher search visibility for the competitive terms in your industry.

SEO for Finance Companies

The top finance companies receive a lower share of organic search traffic than the average measured by the BrightEdge study mentioned at the beginning of the post. Using Wikipedia’s list of the largest finance companies by revenue, here are some traffic stats, starting with Berkshire Hathaway’s website, which receives 54.31% of its traffic from organic search.

Similar Web Statistics

Other finance companies have a much smaller share of organic search traffic. JP Morgan Chase only receives 27.54% of its visitors from organic search. The Royal Bank of Canada only receives 22.36%. HSBC only receives 32.43%. TD Bank Group received the lowest share with 19.90%. Referral traffic from subsidiary sites, advertising, and direct (unmeasured) traffic seems to rule in this category of companies.

What should this tell you? Your finance company doesn’t need SEO, but you will need experts who study SEO to help you beat your competitors. As Berkshire Hathaway proves, you can get over 50% of your traffic from search as a finance company. It would help if you had the right SEO strategy.

Also, your strategy may focus more on local SEO if your competitors are local financial services. You’ll need to make it into the local 3-pack to be at the top of search results for popular local keyword phrases like banking near me.

Toronto Eaton Centre Map

You would also have to beat the top banks in your area, local directories, and Wikipedia to get onto the search results’ first page.


According to Ubersuggest, you would need to have a domain authority and link profile similar to those for these companies.


Conclusion: If you have a financial business and haven’t got the time to build a strong enough link profile to beat the competition, it’s a good sign that you need SEO services.

SEO for Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing companies receive an average share of organic search traffic compared to other traffic channels. Using companies from Wikipedia’s list of the largest manufacturing companies by revenue, we see that the first company, Volkswagon Group, gets 51.27% of their share of traffic from organic search.

Marketing Channels Overview

Most manufacturing companies receive an average share of organic search traffic, but not all. General Electric’s website only receives 20.69% of its traffic via organic search. China Railway Group, on the other hand, receives 54.36%. Boeing receives 42.68%. Magna International receives 32.87%.

Your SEO strategy may be different than the top manufacturing companies, as yours may include local SEO. If someone is looking for a company near them in search, you would have to get your business into the local 3-pack to get to the top of the first page.

Toronto Map

Conclusion: If you want your manufacturing company to raise its organic search traffic to at least 50%, you can do it with a solid SEO plan.

SEO for Construction Companies

Do you own a construction company? The top construction companies receive an average share of organic search traffic. Starting with Bechtel Engineering, whose website receives 44.27% of its traffic from organic search.

Marketing Channels

While some companies, like SNC-Lavalin, receive low percentages, like 25.67%, others like FLUOR CORP, receive 60.69% of its traffic from organic search. Turner Construction receives much higher at 72.49%.

St. Lawrence Map

This is encouraging for anyone with a construction company. SEO can definitely help you attract more customers to your website design. Local construction companies will need local SEO to conquer the local 3-pack as other businesses in the industries above.

You’ll also have to beat a mixture of local search directories and your top competitors.

SERPs Construction

Conclusion: Construction companies need a robust local SEO strategy to outrank competitors in the local 3-pack and high-authority domains like Yelp.

SEO for Healthcare Companies

Looking at the top healthcare companies in the Fortune 500 list, we can see that the organic search traffic share varies. Starting with United Healthcare Group’s website, only receiving 27.55% of their traffic share from organic search.

Similar Web Channels Overview

McKesson comes in with 29.70% of its website traffic coming from organic search. CVS shows improvement over its competitors, with 32.94%. Cardinal Health drops to 21.48%. Anthem receives a low amount as well, with 26.33%.

Of course, these are just the major corporations. If your healthcare business is local – dentists, chiropractors, therapists, etc. – you will definitely need local SEO to help you get visibility amongst search users in your area.

You’ll have to make the local 3-pack in most cases just to get seen near the top of search results, especially if there Google Ads adverts.

You will then have to outrank local search directories, your competitors, and websites that have created content to appease Google’s “People also ask” questions.

Old Toronto Map

Conclusion: Healthcare businesses, large and small, need SEO to ensure they outrank their competition in local search and PPC results.

So, Who Needs SEO in Calgary?

After an analysis of both Fortune 500 and local businesses in five of the top industries worldwide, we can conclude:

  • Organic search engines are responsible for driving almost half of the traffic to the top companies in the top industries.
  • Any business in these industries can utilize the right SEO strategies to get more visibility in search. From Fortune 500 companies to local companies, an SEO strategy can help you get your share of organic search traffic.

Is your business outside of tech, finance, manufacturing, construction, and healthcare? Chances are, your business can get a large share of organic search traffic too! Let us do a custom analysis of your business to see if you could be getting more traffic from organic search.

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