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Choosing The Right SEO Partnership

A business owner may be an expert within their industry, but what about Search Engine Optimization?

Numerous local website owners utilize a digital marketing agency exactly like Code Web to accomplish their online visibility goals. Our knowledge & strategies backed by state-of-the-art data science tools provide exceptional search marketing services that deliver the results to grow your business.

With our necessary approach, we generate relevant web traffic, qualified prospects, and positive results for our partners that no other digital marketing company can compete with.

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What, Why, & How, Does SEO Work!?

Search engine optimization is the only way to help your website rank higher organically in search engines so that you can connect with the right customers at the right time. In this digital age, we all need to boost our online presence to appeal to a new and broader audience.

The SEO techniques we apply, such as targeting the right long-tailed keywords optimized for voice search, and earning high-quality backlinks to drive potential clients to our websites, are creating a direct return on investment.

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Think of it like this: Every day, millions of people put search queries for various products and services. When you’re not ranking on a search engine, you are missing out on potential sales. It’s like having a storefront but keeping it shuttered while expecting customers to come in on their own!

The organic strategy that we adopt means, no more door to door sales, cold calls, or similar old-school marketing techniques. 100% inbound is our goal for you, the client!

As an ever-evolving discipline, SEO is a sustainable and scalable investment that continuously draws customers to your business website or storefront as opposed to pushing your brand onto them.

SEO is an inbound marketing discipline that pulls customers towards you! It’s a noninvasive, customer-centric way of appealing to internet users and leaving a lasting impression. Your web pages can exist forever, so a one-time investment to make them optimized for search engine algorithms pay off enormously over the long term.

We specialize in all subcategories of SEO, each requiring unique knowledge and technical mastery. Hiring a web design team that has SEO in-mind while building your website is the best decision you can make in our day & age.

SEO & Web Performance

When someone enters a query into a search engine, like Google or Bing, the search engine provides a list of results that best relate to the search query. Search engines use complex algorithms to determine which web pages most closely match precisely what the user’s search intent is.

Search engine optimization is the practice of tailoring your website and all its pages – including product & service pages, FAQ pages, and blog posts – to the algorithms at play.

Our team stays informed about any changes that search engines make to their algorithms.

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SEO prioritizes the customer journey by understanding how they find your brand and making the online touchpoint a memorable and positive experience.

For local businesses, our service is especially important because you are competing in an established metropolis.

No matter if you are a small business or well-established local enterprise, we want to help you reach customers, you may have otherwise missed.

Local Businesses + Code Web = Online Success

On average, 53.3% of all web traffic comes from organic search results. Organic search results are the pages that appear on search engine results pages that aren’t paid ads.

In other words, if you aren’t ranking well in search, you’re missing out on significant opportunities to:

  • Increase brand recognition.
  • Introduce yourself to new prospects.
  • Engage your audience.

Our goal is to bring more people to your website, but the long-term gains your business can enjoy from a sound SEO strategy go well beyond this singular objective.

The most prominent search engine is Google, comprising more than 90% of all searches. Because of this, its algorithms get most of the attention from SEO professionals. However, it’s worth keeping in mind that Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines have slightly different factors that they consider when generating query results.

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What a Professional SEO Company Can Do For Your Business

SEO not only requires an in-depth knowledge of your industry and competitors but also understand search engine algorithms. While there are several search engines available to internet users – like DuckDuckGo and Bing – Google is the most significant player in the game. Google owns 90% of all web search volume, according to SparkToro.

Understanding Google algorithms is no easy task, especially considering that they make changes to these processes hundreds of times a year, according to Moz.

While many of these changes are small and don’t majorly affect search engine optimization rankings, other updates can disrupt pages and push even established websites off the front page.

Keeping pace with the changing SEO landscape is a job best left to the Calgary SEO experts at Code Web. Not only are we in tune with the current Google algorithms, but we are always on the lookout for updates that affect our customer’s organic search visibility and rankings.

Your Webpage is not a static archive of your business; it must be continuously tweaked to ensure its presence is as relevant and technically sound as possible.

Your SEO investments ensure that your website is optimized for search engine algorithms, which will affect the organic traffic for your business today, tomorrow, and into the future.

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How Does Google Search Work?

There are 200+ metrics that Google uses daily to decide how high they’re going to rank your website. The concern is that no one knows what they all are or which metrics are most prominent on any given day. Code Web SEOs live and breathe search engine optimization.

We read and educate ourselves daily, using the best relevant and reputable digital marketing blogs and white papers out there. We watch Youtube videos with fantastic advice about all forms of SEO, and there are many different types!

There aren’t any SEO Calgary agencies out there, including ourselves, that can tell you exactly How Google Seach Works, but when you’re educating yourself daily about search engine results. You eventually get a good idea of how to rank websites.

Google’s algorithms change many more times then you would expect in a year. The algorithm is changed daily, while major algorithms are changed less often.

Google changes its algorithms frequently to serve the user; to make sure the most significant and relevant search results show up first.

Technical SEO is where your journey to better rankings on Google begins. Making sure your domain is crawlable and indexable by major search engines is the backend foundation necessary for optimizing your website.

Creating a positive user experience and removing errors and duplicate pages that could be cannibalizing your web-copy is critical during this phase. A few other things to consider during this stage are:

  • Image alt-attributes
  • Canonical tags
  • Schema markup
  • Redirects
  • 404 Webpages
  • Cannibalization
  • URL structures
  • Mobile usability
  • XML Sitemaps
  • HTML Sitemaps
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On-page SEO is where most businesses focus their digital marketing efforts. It’s anything that lives on the page itself and can be viewed by visitors to your website. This includes elements like:

  • Copywriting
  • Images
  • Videos
  • HTML tags
  • Internal linking
  • URL strings

These factors have a direct impact on the user experience and search engine rankings. It’s essential to create content that is original and engaging, so readers are encouraged to remain on the page or your website, in general.

An SEO expert can help design and write such a page and measure its success by evaluating page views, bounce rates and other engagement factors.

Off-page SEO is everything that occurs off-site on the w.w.w. When other sites or influencers link to content that lives on your website — inbound links leading to your website are a top-three Google ranking factor, and unlinked mentions are gaining more influence in rankings.

By populating your website with relevant, authoritative content, you not only add to the legitimacy of your brand, but you encourage others to link to your site and further raise your domain authority.

Why Local?

Local SEO aims to increase your brand’s online visibility to consumers in your geographic area. This, in turn, can help bring more visitors to your physical storefront:

  • 50% of local searches on mobile lead to a store visit, according to research from Google.
  • 35% of local searches on desktop or tablets lead to a store visit.

Optimizing your website and online presence to show up in local searches makes it more likely that people will visit your business with the intent to spend money.

There are a few specific factors that are critical to local SEO:

  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Page speed
  • Complete Google My Business information.
  • Content-specific to the local area.
  • Consistent business name, phone number, address, and website.
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Other Factors That Affect Rankings:

    • Anchor text and metadata
    • Click-through rate
    • Content quality
    • Direct web traffic
    • Mobile-responsiveness
    • Dwell Time
    • Page speed
    • Rich media
    • Quality links
    • Relevant Backlinks
    • HTTPS security
    • Pogo Sticking

    A Company You Can Trust

    Code Web understands what it takes to market to a local audience because we are a local business too! Working with Code Web’s search engine optimization experts ensure you’re in direct contact with expert consultants to help you through the entire design and optimization process.

    We are your full-service Calgary SEO experts and web design company that can help you create and maintain a website poised to reach your desired audience.

    We are continually educating ourselves on best SEO practices and new algorithms, and share this knowledge with our partners to ensure their web presence is designed for success.

    As a Calgary digital marketing company, we are committed to your businesses’ end-to-end success.