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In our digital age, your website is the face of your organization. A well-designed website puts your best foot forward, establishing credibility and authority with visitors and communicating your most compelling brand values, messages and mission statements.

Code Web’s Calgary web design and SEO services provide a professional, local, and hands-on experience to guide your site design or redesign from start to finish.

Whether your current site could use a refresh and facelift or your business needs an entirely new site built from scratch, we have the experience and skills to craft the perfect website for your specific requirements.

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Why Hire a Professional Web Design Company?

For better or worse, a branded website is often the first thing that potential customers will notice about your business – this is something you don’t want to fumble. Consider the impact that your website has on your business prospects:

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94% of site visitors will form their initial impressions of your brand based on the appearance and usability of your site.


88% of web visitors are less likely to return after an initial bad experience.


53% of mobile users will abandon a site after 3 seconds, despite average mobile load times hovering around 22 seconds.


75% of users will judge your brand’s credibility based on web design.


47% of consumers expect desktop web pages to load within 2 seconds, and 40% will abandon the page after 3 seconds.

The Stakes Are Very High

The stakes are very high with any website launch or redesign. In-house staff are unlikely to have experience executing every factor that goes into good site design (user interface, layout, SEO, site speed, navigation, mobile responsive web design, etc.). They may be skilled with one or two of these tasks, but it’s unlikely that an internal IT department has a full range of resources and skills to create a fully optimized website that can compete on today’s world-wide-web.

Freelancers, meanwhile, are often unknown quantities and present a great deal of risk. In-house teams often have particular strengths and specialized skills but are unable to address every need and requirement that goes into larger web design projects.

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Working with Code Web puts you in direct contact with expert consultants, and provides your business with enterprise-quality site design or redesign at a fraction of the cost.

What Should I Look for in a Calgary Web Design Company?

Robust web design incorporates a wide variety of factors and requirements, so your website’s design must be proficient in several core design principles and tasks:


As noted above, a large percentage of sales leads and potential customers will instantly judge your brand and business based on the appearance of your website. If your home page is outdated, overcrowded or visually unappealing, your business will be sending the wrong message to visitors.


It doesn’t matter how excellent your messaging, services, and content are if site visitors can’t find it. Sound navigation principles enable site visitors to seamlessly move from landing page to adjacent articles, product pages, and downloadable assets, keeping them on the site and progressing through the sales funnel. The more difficult it is for potential clients to find the information they’re looking for, the more likely they are to abandon the page and never look back again.

Website Speed

The bounce rate statistics listed above highlight the extreme importance of site speed, page load times, and responsiveness to web design and development strategies. For years, Google has accounted for site speed in its search rankings, but in July 2018, the search engine updated its algorithms to incorporate mobile page speed as well. Any unnecessary delays in site speed will hurt your online digital marketing efforts as well as your brand’s online presence.

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Mobile Responsive Web Design


Approximately 70% of the global internet consumption occurs on smartphones and other mobile devices, and that figure is expected to continue increasing, reaching nearly 80% by the end of 2020.


Mobile responsive web design is an absolute must to compete in today’s mobile-first & mobile app environment. Modern websites should include page features and layouts that work on smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices.


Minimizing obstructive elements like banner ads while embedding features like large clickable icons and CTA buttons help aid the mobile user experience.

Traditional Web Design

Even if your company offers an incredible product and service with a strong message, poor web design could be holding you back. If your website is challenging to use because of poor design or outdated, unresponsive features, visitors will often click away before seeing what you have to offer them.

A good website will utilize a clean interface with professional-looking visuals. Code Web can get you there, with our deep understanding of the complex factors that make a website successful. We check each page on your site to ensure that it looks great and operates well.

Traditional Web Design

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Our web developers will also consider technical and on-page search engine optimization with everything that they do. This helps your business rank better in online searches so that more potential customers will find your business. Factors that developers consider for on-page SEO include the use of high-quality content with relevant keywords that enhance the user experience. Major search engines use an algorithm that factors elements like these into their rankings.

Web Development

Some of the most critical factors that will make your new website successful aren’t the ones that may be immediately obvious to your customers. Small changes on your website’s backend can improve your listings in online searches significantly.

Every Code Web professional web designer works closely with our technical SEO team throughout the development process. This ensures that we can catch backend changes and updates that will improve searchability and performance by helping Google crawlers search and discover your website.

A few often-overlooked SEO tasks that we perform involve optimizing your site architecture to remove potential errors and broken internal links, making it easier for Google to discover new pages. Our technical SEO team will also help to cut down on page load times so that visitors don’t abandon their sessions out of frustration.

Mobile Web Development

Study after study confirms what you already know; mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are the future. Almost half of the buyers out there use their mobile devices to search for businesses. If your website isn’t optimized to work on mobile devices, you’re losing out on potential business opportunities.

Code Web’s local web design team can redesign your current website to look good and work well across a variety of platforms. We can also design a new, mobile-first website for you from scratch.

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How Great Web Design Compliments Your Paid Ad Efforts

No detail is too small when optimizing your site to get better rankings in Google search. Expert SEO can be the difference between success or failure on the internet. Driving traffic to your website is heavily dependent on just how much your content is optimized to appear in search results – SEO is an area of prioritization for any organization.

Marketing Your Brand

Code Web will consult your team with an appropriate plan of action to meet your business goals, both in the immediate future and down the road.

Your website is not just a tool to raise awareness of your company, but also to build your brand. Partnering with veteran designers like Code Web Design can help you figure out every little detail that best matches your organization, from font size to the layout of your “contact us” page. High-quality website design focuses on every aspect, no matter what.

Security Concerns

Security is a major concern for consumers and business users alike. Professional web designers have the expertise and experience necessary to secure your website and keep the information that it contains safe.

Without consulting the experts, you will be taking a big risk with both your customers’ data and your brand’s reputation.

Code Web is here to serve all of your Calgary web design needs, whether you are looking to build a new site, redesign an existing one or optimize your current pages to increase your search ranking and online presence.

We are a full-service company and employ the very best web designers in Calgary, giving our customers a professional, hands-on experience that guarantees the best results while providing the most affordable web design solutions in the area.

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SEO-focused Calgary Web Design Services

In addition to our services that improve the visual appeal of our clients’ websites, Code Web offers services that have a firm grounding in on-page and technical SEO. While these elements might not register with your audience, they are required to reaching them.

If you’re on the hunt for a digital marketing partner, it’s crucial to choose a team with a firm grasp of SEO. Code Web offers the best-in-class search engine optimization services to local businesses that include:

Website Auditing

Code Web run’s a full scan of your website to look for factors that might be holding you back in Google’s search engine results pages (SERPs) and from engaging with potential customers.

Keyword Management

Code Web creates a keyword strategy that will help your business rise in search engine rankings. We select keywords that are relevant to the search terms that your target audience is using and will help you land on the first page of Google SERPs.

SEO Strategizing

Code Web’s team can work with you to develop an SEO-focused digital and content marketing plan that utilizes all of the latest platforms, technologies, algorithm changes, and industry developments. We use the latest and best practices to ensure results.

SEO-based improvements and enhancements can help to improve the searchability of your website, expanding your audience and helping to attract and retain customers. Some of the factors we look at and the actions we take to make our clients’ websites easier to find:

Optimizing site code, so your website loads as fast as possible.
Creating easy-to-use navigation and interfaces that are compatible with the latest user experience (UX) principles.
Engaging as wide a range of users as possible.
Looking to see if any on-page elements or images are affecting your site’s performance.

Creative and Responsive Web Design

By improving each of these factors, we increase our clients’ search rankings and expand their online presence. With Code Web, you’ll be connected to your target audience like never before. Whoever you choose to work on your website today, matters for the future success of your business, tomorrow. Working with a local web developer will ensure that you get the hands-on support you need.

When looking for a Calgary website design partner, be sure to look for a team that can manage everything from your on-page and technical SEO to your graphic design and overall UX. Look for a partner that can help you to create a winning digital marketing strategy and, in some cases, create compelling content that can boost your SEO rankings. Our Calgarian, web design company, can also help you create a robust social media marketing presence across a variety of platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Ultimately, the ideal partner for you is one that can provide all of your web design and digital marketing needs in one place.

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What Can a Professional Web Design Team Offer You?

If you have a website that’s not up to speed, there’s no need to worry. Code Web can take that stress away. We provide essential services, whether it’s performing a few tweaks on your site or building something new entirely from scratch.

Working with the best Calgary website development team gives you access to the latest ideas in web design and search engine optimization. Discover what our web designers can offer you, from new customers to revenue growth.