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Our team of digital marketing & web design experts come together to form the perfect company to work with. With many combined years of experience, we have proudly contributed to the best web design, development, SEO, & PPC services within Canada.

We always concentrate on and study your niche and your competitors to make sure we can outrank them for the keywords with the highest search volume. The keywords that matter. We prefer working with Google’s search engine and all the tools they provide, but we will also make sure you appear in Bing, Apple Maps, & much more.


An innovative and valuable online experience can only be the product of a results-driven design & development effort. We start with careful research and planning.

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Website audits for our potential clients and research into their competitors is usually the best way to get started. Code Web thinks outside the box and applies hours of brainstorming.

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We work with you to discover what will help us, help you, stick out from the rest. What is so different about your business compared to your competition? Our methods begin with getting to know you and learning as much as possible about you and your business.

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What are your priorities and goals? What’s vital for you to gain while working with Code Web? These and many other questions will be asked and answered before we type one line of code!


What’s the program and are we on the same page? The planning step is where we review content, develop new content, and present new planning methodologies. Code Web set’s the right foundation for a successful project. Whether you require a website or you’re interested in all of our services, we create a unique and original plan.


Let’s get to work! Using what we’ve learned from our conversations and the documentation you may or may not have provided, let’s get the ball rolling. We know we have to build something unique and original, or something similar as we can’t reinvent the wheel, but we can make the wheel better!

  • While working closely, we’re many times asking for your feedback while we’re working. We don’t want to wait until the website or campaign is built in its entirety.
  • We need to know that we’re working in-sync. We need not to waste each other’s time, and therefore “Code Web” works hand in hand with our clients to make sure every minute counts.


Web Development, Technical SEO, Tagging an entire website, or whatever the case may be; let’s develop & code this “now approved” design or campaign. Our programmers are developing new technologies for the world-wide-web every time we start a new project. We use the latest frameworks to structure compatibility with all devices. We take the “mobile-first” approach to build and maintain everything digital.


Before launching your new website, search engine optimization, and/or pay per click campaign, we go through a lot of testing to be sure we’re not negatively affecting your return on investment. Once we are satisfied and sure that everything will function as promised, we set up an exact date for us to push your website or campaign “Live.”

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Code Web has an expert team comprising digital marketers who come from varying backgrounds, all working together with the same goal — to help businesses spread their message online with dynamic websites. We have years of combined experience designing websites, writing complex code, and creating and implementing search engine optimization strategies.

No matter your niche, we work together to concentrate on your competitors and their strategies so you can outrank them with the highest search volume on all search engines, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Apple Maps, Yelp, and more. Contact us today to get started!